GameAccount Network has introduced a new offering that aims to provide players direct access to a casino’s brand.

GameSTACK Internet Gaming Ecosystem provides gaming operators with Simulated Gaming, a comprehensive package that includes virtual credit-based play, mobile gaming, and real-money gaming software and services.

Simulated Gaming is an online social casino that generates revenue by selling virtual Betinexchange india gaming credits, catering to the changing interests of patrons for entertainment. Individuals using the online casino must complete the account registration process, during which their age is confirmed to ensure compliance with the operator’s jurisdiction. Alternatively, they have the option to register using their current loyalty club card number and PIN.

GameAccount’s Simulated Gaming ecosystem utilizes the proprietary iBridge Framework to provide a connection between the online platform and an operator’s CMS or loyalty club card data layer. This connection facilitates the interchange of loyalty ID information, on-property credits for free play, and other rewards.

GameAccount is a unique online platform that may provide a social casino experience through a licensed platform for real-money gambling. The iBridge Framework facilitates the instantaneous interchange of data pertaining to prizes, while the iSight Back Office manages the administration of such benefits.

For instance, if a player buys virtual game credits to enjoy online casino and table games, they Mahadevbook may receive a portion of those points back (calculated based on the purchase price, not on gameplay) as food and beverage credits, hotel accommodations, and free play within the casino (subject to jurisdictional policies).

The GameSTACK Internet Gaming Ecosystem, which is exclusive to our company, has been hired by numerous major single operations in the United States.